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Pebbles’ Wisdom

You will find it in a self-help section. It’s a fun and interactive read, full of quotes and sayings, that will make every day a good one, or better than it was before.

The current format is paperback, but e-book will be available before December 2022.

Good for gift giving and it’s a gift within itself that keeps on giving, because at Sparrow, we love good gifts and presents. 

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Pebbles' Wisdom by Sparrow - check it out

Why Sparrow Books? 

creativity delivered is a collection of poems involving every day eventsFrom poetry collections to Pebbles’ Wisdom (2022) and A Very Berry Fairy Adventure (2013), Sparrow creates an interactive, multi-faceted readers’ experience. When beta readers asked Sparrow Team to keep the poetry manuscripts (hard copies) a little longer as they wanted to re-read them a few more times, the achievement of the exceptional readers’ experience became evident. To find out more about Sparrow, please visit

A Very Berry Fairy Adventure Book by Sparrow publishingA Very Berry Fairy Adventure is a heartwarming fairy tale that may teach over 20 life lessons. The personification of animals and mythical creatures had developed a fantastic world to observe, learn from and ask questions. Recently, the pictures were updated, but the story stayed the same. Discover how the author created A Very Berry Fairy Adventure by visiting

Pebbles' WisdomPebbles’ Wisdom is a collection of quotes/sayings for self-help/growth purposes. From positivity to thought-provoking quotes, one can observe the world from many different perspectives and reflect. Sparrow took a journey through the currents that events have propelled (2020-2022 years) and chose to bring this excellent book that will bring a dash of smile or positivity into the readers’ experience. You may visit to find out more about this book. 

The Town Behind The Rift Valley - a science fiction bookIf you follow Sparrow, you may know about The Town behind the Rift Valley. Please visit for updates or