about ideasWhat About Sparrow Publishing?

Your life is magnificent and delightfully important, therefore, the Sparrow Publishing website is a go-to, when you need a valuable read. Sparrow Publishing’s goal is to provide you with entertaining reading material, be it science fiction, fiction, poetry, science, do-it-yourself articles, opinions, how-to’s, recipes and more.

Remember 2011?

From a tiny idea and a bit of detail, back in 2011, an idea was hatched. An idea so tiny, but at the same time, it felt overwhelming big – with enthusiasm Sparrow’s website became a reality. Remember The Happy Ladybug and A Very Berry Fairy Adventure? These were the first ones to pave the road. Along with a poetic flair, Creativity Delivered and the others have followed. And let us never forget the extraordinary 5 Steps to Happiness and even Pebbles’ Wisdom, these may turn your day from frowny to exponentially great.

How did it all start - introducing Sparrow in about sectionHow did it all start though?

It began in the olden days back in 1987 or so when one particular person thought up unbelievable words and even worlds. Connecting words into poems was something of a hobby and fun. Even more fun was coming up with different stories and events that could have happened and now were gone. Without paper or pencils, or writing it down, not even a typewriter helped and the whole task yet had to be done.

Typewriters vs Computers vs Pencil

A typewriter was more of an investigative creation, much more than a distraction with loud thuds and a scrupulous delight for even more imagination. All stories and poems and other details were stored not on paper as more things in one’s life have been unveiled. A few written stores existed at times, but they magically vanished, and the person had no time for a find.

Computers have sprouted, les ordinateurs, although, of primitive nature, it was all right. The person clasped their hands with anticipation and a spark in their eyes of utilizing such a fad-like device. The mouse had travelled, skipped, flickered, jumped, all over the place and swivelled off the page or the screen. The mouse and the screen were fighting for cooperation for ages and the person told a laptop, which was free of a mouse, “you win.”

What did the Readers think?

At one point the person had submitted a poem for a competition, “to see if it’s good.” Award after award had poured into their lap from the mail, as they enthusiastically ripped the envelopes into a mulch. Reading the contents and finding one’s skill to be true was somewhat of a wish that came true or came through.

With steady delight sparse records of poems were made and thus, parts of various stories have joined too. From that point on the person gave their poems for others to read. There were many, “aha” moments from the readers of course and demanded to keep them for another round of re-read.

Next, the person submitted a few comics of Engineers at Work to The Toronto Star, who then said they were good but too long for their space. They even said that they had a few laughs and suggested sending it, maybe to another place. Unfortunately, both Engineers at Work and Clive comics were lost forever. Unable to find them, a conclusion was made, another creative creation was lost during a move, for now, goodbye to that endeavour.

Without giving up, the person had written more stories on paper and on a computer with a lousy mouse. Some of the files were corrupted over time as they were stored on floppy discs, and some of the papers were destroyed from the moves from one house to another house.

While restoring the corrupted computer files, the year 2011 rolled around, and then the idea had hatched. You know…

Now What?

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You may check out the updated artwork while reading A Very Berry Fairy Adventure.

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Children’s Books: The Happy Ladybug, A Very Berry Fairy Adventure, The Enchanted Forest 

Science Fiction: The Town behind the Rift Valley (upcoming)

Self Help: 5 Steps to Happiness, Pebbles’ Wisdom

Poetry: Creativity Delivered, Hopes, Mistakes and Resolution, Solitude, Refute Negativity, Where One’s Love Gone, Wanna Fresh Rap Lyrics 

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