Creativity Delivered

creativity delivered is a collection of poems involving every day events

A collection of poetry that rocks! You may enjoy a wonderful sunrise with this poem or be grateful and thankful that we have electricity as depicted in the two videos on this page. Please note that there are more than two poems in this collection. 

What is it about?

These are basic archetypes of life, captures in a snapshot of a poem in a few words. You may watch the two videos, Artificial Light and Sunrise. Sometimes we don’t get the time to enjoy a perfect morning? What would your perfect morning look like?

What’s the story behind Sunrise?

The author remembers having a gym class back in the days of school, these gym classes happened in the morning and everyone had to go outside and sit on a wet, freshly cut grass. It was the time when the author had a chance to notice how the day started. Maybe pay attention to how the trees swayed and how calm and wonderful it was outside each morning. At times people take these moments for granted and just hurry throughout the day, never taking that refreshing, energizing moment to notice your morning and the nature outside. 

Artificial Light

What about it? It helps the day move! Just like Sunrise, it’s about things that we take for granted. While we have it, it’s the norm of life. In this poem, the light goes out for a brief moment and there is a great realization of how important this artificial light is, or another word for it is electricity. So the person in the poem, forgot that electricity powers everything and when the lights went out, everything else did too. At the same time, there is a positive take on it, because the person gets to enjoy the candle light. All is good.