A Very Berry Fairy Adventure 

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A Very Berry Fairy Adventure is a children’s book filled with pictures, an interactive plot, and unforgettable characters. It’s an excellent and healthy read for every kid and adult.

What is it about?

It’s about a tiny fairy, named Very Berry, who lives in an enchanted forest. He is all set for an extraordinary adventure to find and bring a lost polar bear back home. 

Firstly, there are many questions as the story develops. Would a fairy finally find the polar bear? Would a fairy be able to bring a polar bear all the way to The North Pole, or would a polar bear find a new place to live? As subsequently all the questions are answered, the fairy experiences a great realization, and there are concepts of friendship and belonging. Lastly, the book is filled with positive life lessons. How many positive life lessons can you spot? Read A Very Berry Fairy Adventure to find out.

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A Very Berry Fairy Adventure - New Look, Same Book

A Very Berry Fairy Review from Readers’ Favorite

by Michelle Robertson

A Very Berry Fairy Adventure is written by Sparrow. This book is a children’s fable. It offers very colourful pictures for your viewing pleasure and a plot that contains adventure, mystery, excitement, magic, mystical creatures, friendship, and courage. Very Berry is a very small fairy that lives in a tiny flower in the forest. Very Berry is assigned by his friend, the owl, to go on a mission to protect the forest and all its creatures. Berry finds himself in a predicament. He must help a polar bear back to his home at the North Pole. The North Pole is very far away and with little magic, and his GPS acting up, Berry is unsure if he will be able to complete this mission and get his new friend, the polar bear, back home.

What can be learned from this book?

Sparrow has excited and enhanced the imagination of children who read A Very Berry Fairy Adventure. The book offers a sense of comfort with familiar mystical creatures. The story plot allows for a sense of character perseverance. A small fairy with a little magic sets out to complete a mission. Therefore, it gives a child, who is also small, a positive attitude that if they set their mind to it, they can achieve their goal, even though they are small. This book allows for a child’s imagination to run wild with its creative character combinations, interesting locations, and light-hearted plot. This story was a fun and magical read.  

*Please note that the artwork was recently updated in 2022.