Wanna Fresh Rap Lyrics

It’s a collection of poems that can be sang too.

The below poem is written with a thorough observation of other people’s relationships in real life and the good old television. Here, the poem represents the growing apart in a relationship, that was the main reason for steering away. This poem captures a moment in a relationship when people regret breaking up, but it’s good for both of the people. It can be taken as deep as possible, or as shallow as possible.

For example, it could be a temper tantrum moment, when you have your cell phone, but then you lose it – you regret you’ve lost it and you do want to find your cell phone. Then you find it, but you don’t really care about the cell phone after than. There is this feel to the poem at first. You may change cell phone with a backpack or anything random. Or it could be a friendship or a relationship revelation. Interpret it as you’d like. You may read the poem below or listen to it on the YouTube on this page.

What just happened?

I have been waiting for you
And you don’t care.
I have been giving you warmth,
But all of the sudden I feel so bare.
-Say what?
I did not hear what you were saying…
See our love rotating…
See us slowly breaking…
Your words did not come through to me.
Although, I tried to understand them, could not you see?
Let’s forget about that madness,
Girl, what about sadness?
Please get over,
And let’s start over.
This breakup is painful.
The breakup is baneful.
The way you walk, talk and smile,
Cannot get you out of my mind…
Do not leave me alone,
Hanging on the phone.
Remember the fun we had,
Remember the words we have said.
Girl, I can never live without you.
See, I am slowly breaking…
Slowly in your mind I will be forsaken,
But my heart will still be aching.
Still remembering how we were fitting.
I did not see, then, that your love was quitting.

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A note: The poem itself was created and meant as a monologue, reflecting on a relationship from one person’s point of view.

However, in this audio-visual, it was beautifully interpreted as a dialogue reflecting about their mutual relationship – creating almost a conversation, even though they are far apart from each other at that moment.

Old archetype with a fresh take.  Enjoy watching What Just Happened by Wanna Fresh Rap Lyrics.