The Happy Ladybug

It’s a picture book for pre-school children. Your kid will have quite an adventure spending a fun and exciting day with a happy ladybug. The happy ladybug is simply extraordinary; she has many places to visit and friends to play with. Why wait… have your kid enjoy The Happy Ladybug adventure for a day. This book helps to learn about the sequence of events that happen in a day. 

The Happy Ladybug is a children's book -join for an adventure with the happy ladybug
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Reviewed by Kristie Ingerto from Readers’ Favorite – 5/5 Stars

The Happy Ladybug by Sparrow is a cute children’s book with bright illustrations and words set to a catchy rhythm that will capture a child’s attention. The happy ladybug loves to fly and one day on her adventures she flies by a bear, talks with a mare, and meets a spider who has captured a butterfly. She rescues the butterfly and they both fly away together. After this, she visits some bumblebees and sees some maple trees and shoes. As nighttime comes, the ladybug finds a flower leaf to rest upon to prepare for her next day’s adventure.

What is memorable about this book?

I really enjoyed reading The Happy Ladybug and it is a wonderful book to share with young children. The illustrations are beautiful as they are so vibrant and filled with detail. Children will love to point out different parts of the illustrations and identify the various animals and things. This book is written in rhyme for the most part, and therefore it flows nicely and is catchy, which will hold a child’s attention to the end.

I see this book as being a popular one to use with pre-school children to read and discuss and then even imagine and create what adventures the ladybug will have the next day. This can also be used as a nice comparison for children as each day is filled with new adventures. What better way to end a day than by laying down to rest and, before falling asleep, thinking back over the adventures of the day and looking forward to new adventures to come!