Pebbles’ Wisdom from The Forgotten Vault

Brought to you by Sparrow from the forgotten vault of Pebbles’ Wisdom. Here you will find multi-functional, interactive quotes crafted with care.

If you like a good inspiration, an ‘aha’ moment, and even a good laugh, then this book is for you. Did you want something more neutral? You will find neutrality in this book as well, the author wanted to include all the aspects, as many as possible. If you like something that is thought-provoking and with real-life examples, then you will definitely find it in this book. The author included real-life situations that were directly observed too. 

In addition, with self-help in mind, each quote can be read as an entertaining reading, or as a self-reflective activity – you decide as you navigate your world. 

This insightful, thought-provoking pocketbook is an excellent addition to your library collection. It’s good to read outside at the park or at home on a rainy day next to a warm cup of tea or a delicious fruit smoothie – all set for the reading. 

Need a gift idea? You are at the right place at the right time. 🙂 Pebbles’ Wisdom is a gift that keeps on giving. Therefore, this book is a good present for any event, for instance, a birthday, a move to a new location, or a gift to a co-worker. It’s a gift for any event and any occasion, always good to have. Even the author was the first to get a copy. 

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Multi Functionality 

-You can skim through i
-Read thoroughly and reflect
-It’s an interactive conversation piece where you and your friends can discuss each quote and share insights

Have a wonderful reading experience, get your copy today.

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