Solitude – a poetry collection

solitude - a poetry collection

A collection of satiric poems about solitude goes through the many revelations of events and forms. It is a synonym for river running down into the center of the earth and could be primordial just like any negative feelings. From this chaos, new things emerge for the highest good and the many possibilities. Its exaggerated primordial aspect is an artform for entertainment only. 

The idea of an old house, a box in the attic or the concept of moving brings about the many memories in one’s mind. These, however, are only memories and we filter the world through our perception and how we see ourselves. One can catch a glimpse of the emergence of positivity in these poems and this is exactly how people learn to be their greatest selves – one step at a time. 

You may experience this art form by listening to the video interpretation of a poem called, Departure, or by reading it. 


The room is empty and the lights are out.
The wind, the trees, and the grass are all still.
And you remember memories that are still about.
The passing car reminds you of some land mill.

The room is empty and the lights are out.
The books, the table and the chairs are packed.
You have yet so many things to think about
And there you think about the items you have lacked.

The room is empty and you are alone.
Departure awaits you in the morning.
You look through things that might need to be done.
The telephone is ringing…