Where One’s Love Gone?

where ones love gone

A collection of poems taken from real-life observations of other people. The author observed and carefully analyzed many relationships and how people form bonds and interact with each other. 

These poems, although, written about real people, don’t have to be – for each person has their own interpretation. A poem in this book could relate to a concept or an idea or even an archetype. 

A Note about a Hope Remains Poem

In a Hope Remains poem, the author presents a strong image – The Castle of Forgiveness. Have you ever needed to forgive someone or even forgive yourself? This whole process is quite remarkable; although, sometimes we may say, “water under the bridge,” at other times it is a long and complicated process with many headaches.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to forgive people or events, forgiving is simply out of the question. In this case, there is only one way that could be visible to the author as per their interpretation. It is to (1) accept what happened completely, (2) accept your feelings (whatever you feel is true – validate your feelings), next (3) to forgive oneself about what happened, (4) let go completely and move on – give space to good life experiences. People tend to associate people and events so close to themselves and often fight to prove their point, where they just need to let go. It’s like keeping a shadow of a person/event that had caused something unpleasant right next to you. It’s like, “let go of that, and let it something better – a good event, good people-  to be next to you instead.”

Please do not take these poems as advice, it is simply the author’s theory interpretation behind a Hope Remains poem from the many observations. The castle of forgiveness is a big hurdle to overcome, where one may surpass oneself and become a more fulfilled person than they were before – create space for a good life. 

Each poem from Where One’s Love Gone is multi-faceted. Although seeming surface-level at first, there is an ocean’s depth to every poem and a very long story behind it – at times, more than one story based on true life events.  

Please note the free verse style in this poem. If you’d like a full interpretation of this poem, line by line, please send an e-mail request to info @ sparrow-publishing.ca and the author will provide an article of interpretation on this website. 

A Hope Remains

The sadness is dispersing,
Through the castle of forgiveness.
As never-ending thought of memory,
Redeeming candle light beside you.
In wounded hearts,
Alas, there is a hope to start a new beginning,
And to withstand the righteous and the not thoughtful,
In order to remark the charitable love.
To pause and notice…
That there is something new in you.
There is a new path to success,
In order to retrieve the essence of the castle.