Forest Nightmare – a short fiction story


Forest Nightmare

By Charlotte Hawke

Angrily, I stormed out of my car and smacked the bonnet. I had broken down about five minutes ago. In front of me was a car coming up the road. I put my hand out, but they didn’t stop to see if I was okay. How rude people are these days. I saw a path and decided to walk down it.

Slowly, I walked down the path, which soon led me into a deep dark forest. The owls twooted in the dark night. Above me was the shining light of the bright full moon. I was all alone in the forest because I couldn’t see anybody around. I desperately needed somewhere to stay. The wind, which was just calm, had suddenly turned into a thunderous storm. Lighting crashed, and thunder boomed. Cautiously, I started slowing down, and I suddenly tripped over a stone. I rushed back up off the ground without hesitation. Running as fast as I could, I got to a nearby log and stopped. Hesitantly, I sat down and looked up at the black, bare sky. Was I ever going to find a place to stay? The rain started picking up, so I started walking again.

All around me, the fog started to fill up the air. In my bag was nothing but my hairbrush, a bottle of water, purse, crisps and my mobile. Yes, I found my phone. Speedily, I fished out my phone from my bag and looked at my signal bar. Damn it. There is no signal in the middle of the forest. Without thinking, I darted down the path and found an old, crooked house.

The house, which looked abandoned, had horrible-looking vines hanging from it. Do you think anyone lives here? Above my head, bats flapped about. Carefully and quietly, the door swung open, and it fell off of its broken hinges. I walked into the house and walked into a room. The room’s door banged as the wind had made it close. Suddenly the light switched off, and I screamed my head off. Sadly, I fell to the ground and let my tears stream down my eyes. Moving across the floor, I touched something hard and horrible. Ewww, what was that smell? The light flickered but finally came on, and in front of my eyes was something I had never seen before. A skeleton with a bloodstain on the floor. I screamed Help me. Was I going to get out of this forest nightmare?

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