The Good or The Bad – a short story


The Good or The Bad

By Imran Samad

Once upon a time, there was peace. Nothing existed but the Light and the Dark. Both communities thrived in their own aspects. The Light community was merry and nonchalant while the Dark found joy in intra-skirmish. Nevertheless, it was peaceful, because they lived indifferent to each other’s existence. Unknown to the existence of their nemesis, both declared each other the sole ruler of everything there was or everything there would be. Everything was fine as they lived in their space, smaller than a marble, until one day.

One fine day, originated a rumour from an untraceable source that they were not alone. Word spread around, like fire in a forest and soon the kings from both realms were open to question. Words of unknown origin were now to shape their future. Several types of research were carried out and finally, the existence of beings alien to them was confirmed.

The light was excited to meet creatures who dwelt beyond their self-conceived boundaries. But Dark was different. It wanted to take the other world for itself. So for the first time, Dark set foot on a land none had gone to before. With keen preparation, they marched to war. Meanwhile Light only prepared a community of elite leaders to march towards their unknown neighbours. The two met far away from each other’s land in the middle of nowhere. The elite was mercilessly crushed and the news of the birth of war reached the Light community.

They prepared for the fight that was waged at their forefront. Anger, lust, power, desire and emotion coagulated at the centre and the small marble burst open forming the universe. For a fight between every one thousand soldiers, one from each community survived and ventured far away from the war.

Dark was ambitious still, so it took the sky for itself and grew with time. The light was peace-seeking, so it found refuge on a huge rock afloat in space. Time passed on and the scars of battles began healing. As greedy as it was, Dark kept growing and expanding into new horizons. The light was prosperous. One day it looked into the Dark sky and all memories of war bubbled up at once. Hence it decided to create the sun, to light up the sky. But the sun wasn’t powerful enough to keep up the entire day, so Light created the moon.

Both the sun and the moon had mild lights of their own just as Light had desired. Dark had only expanded, while Light had truly prospered. This enraged Dark. Jealousy and anger took over its actions and the sound mind was cut short. So one morning as the sun rose and the moon set, Dark played its atrocious move.

The moon was set to go down when suddenly showers of murky arsenal from Dark shook it to the core. The sun was not left alone, it gave Light pleasure, so Dark set it ablaze for the rest of its life. The moon took an unprecedented beating and permanently lost its light and its orbit around Light’s humble abode.

The light woke up to the chaos that day and decided to ward off darkness once and for all. It travelled into the sky and etched little openings in it. Into these openings, it set its soldiers, who shone in the dark night. This made Dark helpless as the soldiers also transferred daily information to Light’s household. Every night these soldiers twinkled information about Dark. Dark was chained, it was powerless against this setup.

Time passed on. Dark shamelessly kept spreading around while light revolutionised its home planet. Light with its own hands crafted life. Plants, animals and eventually people – humans. Humans were Light’s best creation because they were clever, kind, generous and free from evil.

They even named their planet ‘Earth’. For years and years, there was joy and laughter for Light and for years and years, there was pain and shame of a defeat for Dark. But Dark only seemed quiet, its mind was always at work. It had devised a way to overcome Light’s barriers. One night, it took the best of its soldiers and very inconspicuously, sent them to earth.

The soldiers together took the form of a human and like a Trojan, began infecting people with evil. Evil slowly grew. It was the most efficient weapon ever crafted by Dark. Evil thrived in the heart of humans and was enough to control them. Opinions diverged, kindness diminished and hatred for the like grew. The light could not find out the problem, or the solution.

Over the span of years, two groups were formed, the Good and the Bad. They were each other’s nemesis. One still believed in Light, the other a slave of Dark. Tensions between the groups escalated. An inevitable war was to come, and so it did. A war amongst the creation of Light. It waged on for years while Light tried to find a solution to it.

Finally, Light gave in and decided to end the war just as it had begun. One formal morning as the soldiers prepared to continue the battle, a huge lightning bolt struck the battlefield. Both armies rushed outside to realize what had gone wrong. Was it the enemy’s weapon? Was it something from outside? So many questions without an answer. The Good came out to see a ridge miles wide and so did the Bad. The enemies couldn’t see each other beyond the other end of the ridge. Days passed and the debris settled down, yet there was no clear sight of the enemy.

“Sir, the enemy hasn’t been seen or heard of in over a year. Our scouts cannot cross the ridge. It would be safe to assume they are dead”, said both commanders to their respective leaders. The victory was declared on both sides. Years, centuries, and aeons passed and the war was forgotten. Both communities thrived in their own aspects. Until one fine day, originated a rumour from an untraceable source that they were not alone.

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