If I were my own parent, I would…

me my own parent

If I were my parent, I would

It’s a big question for some people. What would you do or say to your child-self if you were your parent? Sometimes it is nothing because your parents did a fabulous job of being parents. It’s hard to come up with something. Maybe it’s a life lesson, how-tos of life, like how finances/economics work?

How to do things when you are an adult? Maybe some secret about life that you have discovered right now and you could have taught the younger you earlier? 

In my case, I came up with a billion things. I could fill up a notebook of 400 pages from both sides in tiny writing. Here are the top 10+ things I would like to let my younger version of myself know if I were my parent. 

If I were my parent, I would

  1. Tell me that I am a good and beautiful person every day.
  2. Tell me that every issue has a resolution. When encountering a mountain, there is always a way.
  3. Every hill can turn into a landslide and then mud. Be prepared for any situation and be humble.
  4. Be kind to yourself. It will help a lot in your grown-up relationships with co-workers, friends and others.
  5. Even though life will slap you with all kinds of trials, always expect good things because, sooner or later, good things will turn up too. If you don’t expect good things, they may as well remain unnoticed, and you will never know. 
  6. Tell me that wind and water have more force than land on any day, even though land seems solid.
  7. Tell me that there are evil people out there whose first intent is to harm anyone for the betterment of themselves. It could be your relative, best friend, neighbour, co-worker, or a person from the street. Learn to discern who has bad intentions toward you and who has good intentions. It happens regardless of ethnicity, religion, flavour, colour, smell, or outlook on life – all people can be good or bad.
  8. Don’t argue with anyone. Why waste your energy on something that doesn’t lead you anywhere – every side has a 50% chance of being correct. 
  9. Don’t prove your point to everyone because others may have contrary ideas and may dismantle your goals, hopes and dreams in 5 seconds or less.  
  10. Be prepared to be adored and hated at the same time. Many years ago, my professor announced that I was the only student who got an A+ on the final exam, so everyone clapped. Next, he asked who would go for a Master’s degree. I did not pick up my hand, and everyone booed at me. I got applause from 500 people and then got booed by them all within 5 minutes the same day. I called it the impossible possible. 
  11. Encourage me to have hobbies. Maybe a few months one hobby and a few months another hobby.
  12. Enjoy doing nothing sometimes because running in a wheel or a crazy competition is not what life is all about.
  13. Encourage me to make decisions, choices and goals.
  14. Be mindful of food, water, exercise, what you say, whom you listen to (music/people).
  15. Tell me how to master my feelings.

What are the three most important things you would say or do if you were your parent? Share in the comments. 

What do you think about my list (agree/disagree)?

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