Living In A Dream

Living In A Dream

The school bell rings and all the kids rush into the hallways to begin another calendar year of education. Allison is a tall brown eyes girl with brown hair bolder than her all-black monster headphones. She lived with her family of 3. Her dad Mark and her mom Jillian. Mark and Jillian knew about their daughter’s current mental state and her hatred of school and people. Allison lived in her dreams, she did whatever she wanted in her mind. She was happy there.

Teachers began to lose hope in her when she’d doze off into her thoughts and imagination. Allison sat alone all the time, she never had friends in her apparent reality. She was used to being alone and she never relied on others for any emotional support. When her eyes closed she would be transported into a world that was similar to her reality but just the opposite.

She was popular in her reality, she had more friends than she could count. Everyone was like her, with the same style, the same personality and the same understanding.

She lived in her reality for as long as she could remember, which led to her questioning why she loved this reality compared to her apparent reality. She questioned why negativity and sadness are associated with real and happiness and positivity are associated with fake. Allison believed that we had no power over our apparent reality but we had full control over our own reality which is what makes it real to her because she has control over what goes on.

Running away from your apparent reality was Allison’s third nature, she avoided confrontation, interaction and all forms of communication with others because she feared her apparent reality.

Living in her dream world was what she aspired reality to be. Negativity and sadness go hand while positivity and happiness are the opposite. Making both realities the same was Allison’s goal. In order to figure out the real reality and the fake reality making them both the same was her way of determining what’s true and false.

She started to change into her reality, acting and interacting the same way she does in her dream world. This resulted in many being confused about the sudden change in personality that Allison showed. Allison came up with the conclusion that reality can’t be proven rather it can be lived by the person in the dimension that they feel control and assurance.

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