Love Notes on the Wind – a poem


Love Notes on the Wind

By Diana Hunter McGuerty

I send you fragrant blossoms… the smell of growing grain.
I send you music flowing free to float like falling rain.
A singing brook that tumbles with adventures great to tell
Conveys to you the merry notes of nature’s crystal bells.

Horses grazing peacefully glance up to hear the sound
Then patiently resume their day on open sacred ground.
Circling hawks wheel gracefully as dancers of the wind
While ravens play their own ballet, these brothers and my kin.

Children’s laughter dancing innocently in the sun
As proudly do the elders praise the fair deeds of everyone.
The whispers of descending leaves surrender to the season
As each and every living thing exists for its own reason.

A silent spiral of drifting snow soothes the frozen night
While deep within the spirit rests, renewing life in flight.
Grey wolf who stands on the highest peak surveying all beyond
Now adds his voice of loneliness, enriching yet my song.

I give you the moonlit hours to stroke your silken bed
While tenderly the music fills your dreams with what’s ahead.
My gift to you is a love song through every living thing
Which thrives upon this rich good earth… whose beauty I do sing.

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