Madness, Battle, and the Birth of a Sun


Madness, Battle, and the Birth of a Sun

By Jim Slate

The Darkness

Hellifyno began the week in cold and darkness. The evil Winter Queen of the Fae, using some extraordinaire power, had extinguished the sun, plunging the planet into an eternal night and causing temperatures to plunge down to as low as 50 degrees below zero. This event somehow caused a chain reaction, which led to the stars in thousands of planetary systems being similarly extinguished, plunging most of the known universe into chaos.

On our own planet, the government quickly stepped in, taking measures to provide food, medical care, and places of warmth and safety for its citizenry. Lord Executive Havoc issued a proclamation calling on all Fire Mages to help in the creation of protective heated domes, as well as ever-burning torches, in order to keep the people from freezing to death. Meanwhile, Lady Echo, patron of Hellifyno, worked to preserve the natural resources of the planet.

The Battle of Summer Snow

At the height of the cold and darkness that plagued our planet, the Winter Queen herself gathered an army of icy creatures and made a daring attack on the Blue Moon Tavern. It’s not known exactly why she chose this location to press her attack, but it may have been an attempt to eliminate some of the more powerful members of Hellifyno society.

In a gruelling battle fought beneath a starless, moonless sky, thousands of creatures of ice and snow descended on the Tavern. Frost Dragons filled the air, Abominable Snow Warriors wielded spears of ice, and Snow Crabs lashed out with frozen claws. The infamous Fae captain’s Puck and Maleficent were counted amongst the host as well, spreading fear and insanity in the chaos of battle.

The great horde of frozen warriors was nearly endless, and it seemed inevitable that the small but powerful group of Tavern Heroes would be overrun. However, it was then that the most unlikely of allies appeared to save the day.

Appearing in spouts of fire and flame, Fae Warriors from the Summer Court appeared at the climax of the battle. Riding blazing camels and wielding spears of sun and light, they crashed into their ancient foes, the Winter Fae, inflicting a devastating slaughter on them. This allowed the Heroes to regroup and press their attack once more. Yet even this was not enough to overcome the army of ice in a winter wasteland of their creation.

It wasn’t until the armies of Hellifyno, led by Lord Havoc, lent their own aid to the battle that the conflict really began to turn. The combined might of fiery Summer Fae, battle-hardened Hellifyno soldiers, and the great Heroes of the Blue Moon Tavern was just enough to turn back the forces of the Winter Queen and win the day.

Unfortunately, in the wake of the battle, the forces of Summer disappeared before an official dialogue could be opened between them and the government of Hellifyno, leaving the balance of power still tenuous in this intergalactic and inter-dimensional Fae War.

Rekindling the Sun

Finding a way to reignite the sun was a top priority for the people of Hellifyno, but nobody could seem to create a flame hot enough to bypass the mysterious power used by the Winter Queen to extinguish it in the first place. Further, nobody seemed able to offer an explanation for the connection between our own stars and others across the universe.

The answer came from one of the most unlikely sources of all. Wyld, the most enigmatic member of the powerful Triat, appeared in the Blue Moon Tavern on a moonless night and proceeded to act in a seemingly random and unpredictable manner. However, before leaving, he was seen giving some sort of mysterious power to two individuals: Raelin Wolvarian Aero and Kent Wolfe. While the nature of this power was hard to quantify, it did make the two of them more confident, vibrant, and charismatic. During the process, Wyld alluded vaguely to the fact that what he was doing was giving them the power necessary to restore the sun.

Using this, and covert information smuggled to the governmental offices of Hellifyno, Lord Executive Havoc planned a daring mission into the very heart of the dead sun, to use the Wyld power to relight the dark globe.

A team of powerful and courageous heroes was taxied out to the outer edge of the dark gas cloud that had formerly been Hellifyno’s sun. The individual members of the team were then forced to leave the safety of the ship, donning special space suits that allowed them to travel without using fire, which would have ignited the volatile gas materials in the cloud and caused enormous explosions.

Fighting through increasingly dense and claustrophobic clouds, beset on all sides by mad warriors from Puck’s Army, the team finally managed to break through to the center of the dead sun. Then, Raelin and Kent, using the power of the Wyld’s Creation Crystal, along with the aid and support of their fellow companions, were able to cause a fire great enough that it overloaded the Winter Queen’s spell and rekindled the flames of the sun.

As they made their escape amongst dramatic explosions and nuclear detonations, a new sun dawned over the skies of Hellifyno, marking the end of the eternal night and beginning the process of melting the summer snows that had buried the planet.

Strangely enough, the ignition of Hellifyno’s sun seems to have worked a miracle across the universe, as thousands of other stars flickered to life in its wake, sparking the hope of millions of faltering civilizations. The link between our stars and the others in the sky is still being explored by the greatest supernatural and scientific minds available.

The Fae War at Home

Despite the fact that the sun has been reborn, attacks by Fae creatures and armies continue to happen across the galaxy. On our own planet, the situation is getting more and more severe. Strange, monstrous creatures roam the countryside, rag-tag teams of mish-mosh Fae warriors are launching themselves against defenceless towns and villages, and the entire world is engulfed in a state of constant conflict which is taking its toll on the citizenry.

Already dozens of towns have fallen to the Fae armies. These locations are barely recognizable to people who are familiar with them. Strange lights and colours flash in the air, illogically shaped buildings form and reform within their boundaries and a sense of madness seems to crackle in the air as you approach them. Those few creatures who have managed to escape from these places are usually found as wandering, gibbering idiots, deluded by visions of madness, lost in their own dark insanities.

While the Hellifyno army is doing its best to combat these forces, they are finding their numbers stretched thin. The highly mobile Fae are able to attack at will, and once they have captured a town, the strange and impossible magic that they pour into the air makes it almost impossible to recover it.

The Loss of Logic, the Death of Reality

The 13 Fae towers which crash-landed on the planet a few weeks ago continue to pour illogical magical energies into the air. In territories surrounding these structures, people have reported instances of bizarre, almost dream-like visions appearing and disappearing at random in the air. Sometimes the floor turns to mud, sometimes impossible creatures appear, and other times colours or lights or forms change and meld and melt into other forms which then grow and change even more in a never-ending flux of madness.

While these occurrences seem to be concentrated around the 13 towers, there are reports of more and more strange events happening across the entire world. In the Blue Moon, Tavern patrons speak about balls of colour floating in the air, tables dancing, liquor bottles flinging themselves at patrons, and surreal, psychedelic experiences that they are barely able to be described.

Considering that the operative goal of the Fae is to destroy the boundaries of reality, merging our own existence with an eternal dream state, it is clear that this is only the beginning of an insidious plan that will eventually encompass all life in existence.

The Anarchists

Trouble has also been brewing within Hellifyno society. A group of disgruntled individuals, nameless as of yet, has issued a proclamation attacking the government of Hellifyno as being illegal, immoral, and unjustified. In order to press their claims, they have engaged in a series of terrorist acts, which have resulted in the death of hundreds, and the loss of millions in foodstuffs and medical supplies.

This anarchist group was first brought to light on the evening of August first when, within a five-minute period of time, dozens of locations across the planet were rocked by powerful explosions. Government institutions, supply warehouses, medical facilities, and military bases were all targets of these attacks. No suspects were apprehended, and it’s still unclear exactly who is perpetrating this violence.

The unnamed terrorist group is now laying claim to a series of mysterious illnesses that have cropped up throughout the planet. These illnesses are caused by a series of complex toxins, injected into food and medical supplies that are being routed through the government, to its citizens, in order to help them recover from the loss of crops experienced during the Summer Snow. While the exact nature of these toxins is unknown, the matter is being investigated thoroughly by the proper authorities.

It is a dark time for the planet Hellifyno. Beset by war, terrorism, magical curses, and powerful enemies, the future may at times seem hopeless. It is important to remember that our home is worth fighting for, and no matter how savage our enemies may be, they cannot take it from us. This is the Chronicle Society, wishing you safety, good fortune, and good luck.

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