Mercury and the Dark Ages


Mercury and the Dark Ages

Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

[2nd Inhabitants from Moiromma–1103 AD]

Days are long on Mercury, 176 to one Earth day. And at sunset, the heat rises beyond breathing capabilities; yet at dawn is when the living of Mercury work, travel, escape from the daily humdrum of life; hide or just simply move about.

The Shadow Crater of Mercury, Mercury’s biggest crater, home to a horde from the planet Moiromma, has through a number of years, learned how to live with the luxury of depositing water, and ice which yields oxygen and hydrogen within the crater for life support. Yet on Mercury, one learns quickly to drink, talk, and walk, slowly, because of the solar radiation and the thin atmosphere.

Mercury, cratered-faced like the moon of earth, with its ongoing volcanic activity on its surface, its ongoing bombardment by meteorites, and un-indefinable debris from outer space, and from the scorching sun, Mercury is a most dangerous habituate to make a home on.

As a consequence, the horde (the now living multitude, in the volcano of Mercury), might be considered the first inhabitants of Mercury, brushing aside the five Moirommalit’s that migrated there accidentally–it would seem some years prior to this, and were never heard of again–they could possibly be the first inhabitants of Mercury, or at least, noted inhabitants in the chronicles of Mercury’s written history (for I almost forgot, there was the Soul Eater that was there prior to the Moirommalit’s appearance). They had their difficulties at first, some being from the earth, others from the planet Mars, and still others from Moiromma itself, most I might say, were born on Moiromma, but not necessarily all (Ice Cap was also a place a few were inhabitants of Mercury, were born on ((an asteroid planet)) or ended up, and left). They had to learn new hunting skills once they arrived on Mercury, from a cold climate of Moiromma to an overheated one on Mercury. But all in all, one survives if there is a once of opportunity lying about, and good leadership available.

It was in the year 1003 AD [now years beyond this date], when the horde of Mercury was first destined to become a kingdom of its own, when a group of Moirommalit’s left earth, transcended to the planet in a mass suicide attempt, focusing on Mercury or the most part, not really knowing its climatic or geographic dynamics, but simply wanting to get away from the inhabitants of the earth, as soldiers from Europe and the Middle East hunted them down; hunted them like diseased rats, or should I say, as if they were the missing leaks of mankind. They said they were worse than witches, and some even said they were devils in disguise. They are notoriously elusive, yet easy to spot because of their size, and grotesque looks, so the humans said. Even the inhabitants of Malta hunted them from island to island.

It was strange for the Moirommalits at first: that being, Earth having one moon like Moiromma, and Mercury having none; and still again, Mercury not being much bigger than Earth’s moon. But to be quite frank, it was for some of these reasons they wanted to go to Mercury, yet I say again, not quite knowing all of it. Had they known its elements of Mercury, they may very well have chosen to be hunted by the humans.

When they had first arrived on Mercury they noticed its skies were black, and they had appeared in an area that was close to 300 F, came from a planet called Moiromma, where its average temperature was 100 below zero, and upon earth, which was between 80F to 5 below, depending on where you went. But again, their race was used to changes for the most part. The blood of the Moirommalit was of a thick type; one might refer it to as an antifreeze compound also: for the most part it did adjust. As time went on, they, the Horde of Mercury, realized there were no real seasons on Mercury, and needed to stick together and do things much closer to their habitat, which was the floor of the crater. In the great crater, it was close to 400 miles in diameter: and they spoke Germanic as well as Moiromma languages with one another.

War with the Cyclops

Where they came from, no one knows, but one day they appeared on the rim of the volcano, fifty ox-eyed looking Cyclops, they barked like Sea Lions and looked half-starved in the shadows above the floor of the crater. King Odem, of the horde, and his half brother, Ultic, 200 years younger than he (the year now being, 1405 AD (and Ultic being born on Mercury), both stood in a warriors stance looking up at these creatures who were some 700-pounds, and 15-foot tall. About twice the weight and size them; the Moiromma race was a cannibalistic society, for the most part, a hunting race, and warrior type. And so when they sized up their enemy, they looked automatically for a weak area, that would be their striking point, how to get to it was the challenge.

That evening, Odem and Ultic had the entire Horde sharpen their teeth, cut their hair so the enemy could not pull it, and made themselves clubs and knives out of stone. Their teeth were designed to rip and tear like a piranha. Their main instruction to the group was during the attack to dig into the throat of the enemy, or the upper arm and deep into his lug section, and puncture it. Some of the Horde had to pacify questions of this brutality; but King Odem, now quite old, knowing the hunt and the kill, said in his slow rustic voice:

“The only thing not allowable is to lose the war because we felt we shouldn’t do this or that; for after the war, the enemy never takes that into consideration, should we be the loser.”

The conclusion was unsettling for a few of the younger soldiers to be, but the majority felt what was important was what was good for them all in the long run, or so was the reasoning. That night the war began. The Horde crept in pitch-black, along the rim, and when they, the Cyclopes were sleeping, nothing was said, no prisoners were taken, their throats were torn out, and they were eaten before they could decay into the heat of the land. There was around forty of them. Not one survived, as the king had said: “Survivors only return to kill again.”

A Poem

Venus Discovered
[An Ancient Voyager]

On Venus I discovered crystal

More Pure than gold;

On earth the Venuslites

Discovered Mud,

And put it in their temples.

So where does the value lie?

For men of earth, crystals

Give power and warmth.

For those being on Venus,

Mud builds ant-hills and temples.


Author Dennis Siluk

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