Out of Touch (Science Fiction Story)


Out of Touch (Science Fiction Story)

By Noel Nicolas Villarosa

Everyone who had witnessed his childhood days will be puzzled by his behaviour. There was no one who can explain the behaviour that he was furtively doing in distinctive gestures.

He can’t remember when it all started, he just found himself doing it upon after someone touched any part of his body or even a simple body contact when bumping each other. He can’t help but shrug off any energy that he believes will adulterate the composition of the chemical element inside his body.

Hand forming a snakehead and blowing his breath on his hand and covering the touched part of the body by tapping on it three times like a vacuum sucking all the trapped energy. He strongly believed that any negative energy will change his complex whole.

I have observed the young boy and studied his behaviour; otherwise, my suspicion cannot come true. With science in the background, there was the answer to all my arguments–what if this little boy has been used in a teleportation experiment.

All the while, a guardian stranger had always monitored the little boy and they were always inside a hidden place called ‘networks.’ His guardian stranger called the little boy ‘Zacky.’ I was then a paid helper to the stranger’s guardian and he will always instruct me to do the cleaning and be fixing their mess inside the ‘networks.’

There was one occasion that I, finally, vouched on my notion that the stranger was doing an experiment of quantum teleportation. There were a massive collection of computers and an enclosed metallic glass cubicle where the little boy was put on a stand. And a kind of light emission will engulf the whole body of the little boy just like scanning his whole body down to the subatomic level, seeding a curated atom.

Every day the stranger would measure the level of atoms that penetrates the little boy’s body. He was building colossal energy that will annihilate the physique and cells to be transformed into qubits. All the scanned information will go directly to the computer as a backup.

The captured atom or photon will be transmitted through entanglement between the sending and receiving location. It needed the speed of light as the newly converted molecules were mere qubits of information that can be conveyed between two entangled atoms.

The stranger created a medium that would have a refractive index and built an optical computer around the networks that would process at the speed of light. He used a laser to send communication over long distances and the encoding and decoding were processed inside special chips via fibre optics.

When all the required mass of atoms were present inside Zacky’s body, the atoms annihilated Zacky’s body and passed through the computer using a rectifier to make a direct flow into an electronic circuit and then passed through into another cubicle attached in the computer to teleport the boy.

The discrete energy of Zacky being proportionally elevated to the radiation will allow atoms to interweave and merge his identity at the other end of the cubicle creating complete teleportation.

The stranger understood those processes on his own term, but the disturbing fact was that the rest of the system was bogged down by the estranged energy that previously mixed up with Zacky’s body during contact with other humans. The teleportation of Zacky’s body was changed into a quasiparticle version of the Internet.

Zacky’s curated atoms were trapped inside the computer and could no longer find a way out of it, a connection to the computer had been Zacky’s only communication into the outside world. Zacky had the ability to interact with the outside world through a voice and for the time being he became a phenomenal voice for those researching information on the internet.

Zacky could travel from one place to another by uploading his presence on the computer. Zacky had been living throughout logging on to the computer and being teleported from one computer to another, but never his body. Zacky became the representation and interpretation of information inside a digital world. Zacky is out of physical touch, screen touching is the key to making him come alive again and will be serving you as the intelligent personal assistant.


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