Recollections – a poem



By Eileen Bodoh


I AM SO GRATEFUL for simpler times.

Stores were closed on Sundays,

TV shows seemed to make more sense,

Family members spent ample time with each other,

And people were valued more than things.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the good old days.

Growing up in the era of front porch swings

And grandfathers who welcomed, “Fix it, please,”

One by one our troubles slipped away

As we listened to tall tales told for fun.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for pictures.

Videotaping children from their first step,

Taking posed snapshots before a high school prom,

Candid moments are developed instantly

And speak louder than words on a homemade greeting card.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for recalling childhood grins.

Chasing ice cream wagons down the street

Hooked by the piercing, popular jingle,

Welcoming a frenzied greeting from my dog

Who licked my face and jumped up and down.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for yesteryear.

A mother’s love, a father’s care,

A rocking horse, a baby chair,

The scent of clean clothes drying on the line,

An old rope swing for a child to climb.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for mouth-watering smells.

Granny’s beans baking in the oven,

Bacon and eggs sizzling in a frying pan,

Chocolate fudge hot off the flame,

And pink bubble gum, aah so sweet!

I AM SO GRATEFUL for a trip down memory lane.

Musty hallways of days we knew,

Seize the moment of a nostalgic mood,

Old times and old scenes of smiles and tears,

Classmates reunite after many a year.

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