Rocks – a poem


Rocks – a poem

By Fran Watson

Take some time to stop and look at nature. Pick up a rock or two and think about where it might have started out and what it might have gone through to end up where you found it.


The smoothest rock is the one

that was in the roughest part

of the stream,

where it was tossed to and fro,

bouncing from rock to rock

or tree branch,

losing a little of its roughness

with each bang,

until gradually it comes to rest

in the calm, quiet sand

at the edge of the stream.

When you pick it up

and feel its smoothness

you can feel the vibrations

of its tumultuous journey

and know that

despite the troubles you now face,

you too will come to a calm

and quiet place,

your rough edges smoothed,

and you will grant peace

to those who hold you close.

The energy you contain

will speak to their hearts and minds

and calm them,

and they will realize

that they too can have this peace,

if only they will trust

that life has its best interests at heart.

We seek out the smooth stones

because we know that they

can easily skip across the surface

of the water for a great distance.

Those with rough edges

quickly sink to the bottom –

they have no longevity.

A good “skipping stone” is a great find indeed.

For it is in the heart of the stone

that the strength is found.

The outside edges are weak

and break off easily,

but the centre becomes purer

and more durable

as the roughness is ground away.

So too our inner core

becomes more durable

as our rough edges

are smoothed.

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