The Secret of Eternity and Immortality – Short Inspirational Story


The Secret of Eternity and Immortality – Short Inspirational Story

The most important people of humanity got together and said: The earth has certainly reached great advances and technology. Science offers more and more possibilities and life has no limits, for this reason, we must grow in wisdom. And they decided to go in search of the treasure of Knowledge, the same essence of Truth, the purest Wisdom.

And this mission was given to expert members who would go around the world searching for the most perfect Wisdom.

They finally reached the top of a mountain, where they found a temple and it was known by tradition that in some place of the temple, this precious secret would be found and revealed. Then, the expedition members entered the temple and found that there were different guardians in this monastery who were protecting the Wisdom, the Noble Truth.

What they found in the first place was a place of serenity and peace and they had a dialogue with the persons of the temple and asked them for the revelation of the treasure of Knowledge, and where could it be found.

And that profound and at the same time, the ambitious conversation could be heard and they were saying:

“With this secret, we will be able to travel beyond the sun.” “With this secret, we will conquer all the worlds.” “With this secret, we will get victory and glory because nothing can stop us since it will be like having huge wings that will unite south and north.”

“With this secret, we will take the mountains in our hands, there will be neither death, nor life, but a life with no limits.” Finally, the expedition members brought an army because the persons of the temple did not want to reveal the secret and they decided to take control and started searching all the rooms, breaking walls and destroying the temple when they finished tearing down what had been the temple, they found a tunnel and using torches, they went inside the tunnel and could see very old writings on the walls. They brought people to translate what was written and it said: “Great Wisdom requires the effort of humanity. Great Wisdom will allow living for all eternity. Great Wisdom will make us understand the designs of destiny and the same will of the divinity.”

They kept on going into the cave that turned into a labyrinth of underground passages and after many days, they found a room made of stone and in its center a chest made out of gold. They carried the chest to the council of the most important group of people who had decided to conquer destiny and who wanted to reach the path of eternity. And with the chest in front of them, they were saying: ” Who can set limits now? This is like being able to fly, but more powerful, faster, than a plane, I can go and come back and in a moment be in the sky, the earth, the sea and all at the same time. The secret of Wisdom and Truth must be here for sure.”

And they brought the most noteworthy persons of humanity, to open the chest. People who had excelled, free minds, open minds, minds with no frontiers. Then, the chest was opened and a light appeared that illuminated and blinded. There was a scroll inside the chest and in the scroll, the destiny of humanity, for sure. An expert in ancient languages was brought so he could read and the secret is known, the revelation of that immortal wisdom, that would allow human beings to go beyond the stars.

They were all together and they started reading the document that in truth was just a short phrase that said:

“The secret of Eternity, the secret of Immortality is found in the Limits.”

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