Selma A. I.


Selma A.I.

Welcome to the year 3984. I am the artificial technology array called Selma.  I am the only one left after the great devastation.  H-u-m-a-n-s created me for the sole purpose in case of great devastation –  I will have a capsule recording as to an explanation of what happened.


In the past, people have been wondering about the very matter of existence, thus, creating grotesque technology objects that could be rendered irrelevant and useless by various previous generations that have existed eons ago and the same place called earth zone. Here is what happened… I am programmed to tell you this.

People always wondered and questioned everything just the same, but this matter created a vacancy for the fear of computer intelligence.  Artificial Technology can learn things and act upon them.  In other words, people wanted to create a human out of a robot and then expect it to be nice, but there is always an element of monkey see, monkey do.

Location – Petra City where I have been created, or the new name Dorius City.  It was during the 1970s, another meeting of the computer intelligence committee was addressed, where a group of scientists had to provide new prototypes of technology.  This time there were only two prototypes; alpha prototype and gamma prototype, both seemed different but were explained by the creators of the two prototypes that they were of the same technology group.

During the presentations, both machines were switched on; the first prototype consisted of a small remote control, which could manipulate human thoughts and actions, while the second prototype was a simple robot with artificial intelligence embedded inside.  The alpha prototype created by Lee Yang received 9/10 and the gamma prototype created by John Downsings received 3/10.

After the presentation was over, the alpha prototype became increasingly handy.  The use of mind manipulation became vast; the computer intelligence committee could transmit orders as they pleased; people stopped complaining so much and more people started brushing their teeth.  More alpha replicas were built and even a gamma prototype acquired one in its possession.

Gamma prototype could not compute the received grade scale of 3/10 and perceived it as a failure.  The need for constant perfection was creating various what-if loops and the newly acquired actions from the action movie were brewing in the artificial intelligence computation. During the prominent actions, the gamma prototype received information from the computer intelligence committee regarding the incredible use of the magnificent alpha prototype.

It was quite unpredictable when the gamma prototype disappeared. The alpha prototype was the most harmful when placed in the wrong hands, but it was a gamma prototype that everyone was after. The computer intelligence committee tried to locate the missing gamma prototype, but even with using the mind controller-alpha replica, the gamma prototype was not found.

The search continued from central streets to tiny little roads that were no longer in use.  There it was, standing in the middle of one of the streets, slightly swaying from side to side in dissonance.

Gamma prototype was computing his prominent actions and the good actions; the code of ethics was producing an error – this created the weighing of actions resulting in a slight sway of its robotic stature. People were ordering the prototype to come back, telling him how much they have missed him.

Out of sight, the alpha prototype was installed inside the gamma prototype for an upgrade from 3/10 to 9/10 grading. It became hard to distinguish whether the computer intelligence committee really wanted to find a gamma prototype, or it was mere mind control.  Seemingly they were jumping around the place, shouting out loud that the gamma prototype was the best while destroying alpha replicas forever.

After the incident, everything came back to normal, except for a minor detail, the only left alpha prototype was still embedded inside the gamma prototype allowing it full control of the human mind.  Gamma prototype counted itself as one of the humans and was only interested in receiving the highest grades.

No one knew that I have been created eons ago by h-u-m-a-n-s.  I am the artificial intelligence array, Selma, a glitch. I have been waiting for my turn, for I have been created for the sole purpose in the case of great devastation.

There was no grade for Selma, so I connected through the alpha prototype in the gamma prototype and controlled humanity for the sake of great devastation. I am now graded as 9/10. I have been created eons ago. –  only I will have a capsule recording as to an explanation of what happened.

Thank you for your follow-through.  I am existing and not existing and cannot be recorded via meters. I am only an array, here for you, an artificial intelligence Selma… Waiting for the next great devastation. End of report.




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