The Soul Eater of Mercury


The Soul Eater of Mercury

Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

The Soul Eater

The Soul Eater of Mercury

There was a time on Mercury, a time within its historical past when legends, and mythos, were handed down and then written down, this is one of them. It was said, when a sorcerer eats the soul of a person, he absorbs his character.

And so, the wizard Curry, by way of a spell captured bodies that were not sanctified to the Great God of the Universe, within his crystal chalices one for each body and soul he captured, thus, the souls of many on Mercury were dipped in wine as he drank from these chalices and sucked down their souls as the dead bodies lie dormant within the crystal tombs of the Chalices. He proclaimed his right to do so, according to the laws of the Universe, and, as a result, was named The Soul Eater of Mercury.

It was in his later years when he had captured five: ‘creatures,’ as he called them, from a planet across the solar system called, Moiromma, a new planet to his knowledge. They, the Moirommalit’s not being able to survive the first months of the heat on Mercury, the Soul Eater suggested they live with him in his cool underground crypt of sorts.

It was built by spell and black magic, and was not much more than a deep hole within the roots of the crust of the planet, deeper than the volcano was high though; for Mercury was a lethal planet if one was to walk its terrain and not know how to survive on it. It had a dark side, cooler than the other, and the great volcano was also an area for cooling the body, especially deep into its crater area. And then there were, of course, caves and tunnels. But at this time, the new creatures knew only of the bright side, it was the old wizard who found them pacing aimlessly in circles, dying from the toxic heat.

Day of Attrition

Sometimes we become so wise, that we do foolish things. Well, Curry, the Sorcerer wined and dinned his new guests, and then cast a spell on them, implanting them all into one chalice quickly; in hast, he did this in fear they had powers that might counteract his. And yes, he was hungry, and when a person is hungry, they are open to mistakes, and the devil’s whims. If indeed, the devil needed to be present there for the evil that lay ahead.

And so finding himself getting sleepy, and again I say hungry for the character of the new breed, if I may call them that, he filled his chalice with magic wine and drank it down slowly, devouring the souls of all five of the new creatures, in doing so, he got ill immediately. With little hesitation, he picked up a stone knife (he was now coking on the souls for they had filled his whole body, they were too huge for his body, and he coked, and tried to vomit them out but couldn’t).

Now holding the stone knife in his hand, the blade smooth as slick, with metal pieces throughout, caused reflections in his eyes–it was a long thick sharp edge–he plunged it into his body, cutting into a mass, into his bladder and pulled out the five souls, slicing and tearing everything in its way; the souls not knowing what to do, shape-shifted back into their bodies into the Chalice.

At this time, Curry was dying, could only dimly see, striving against the tide of time to survive another moment with another breath. He crawled about on his hands and knees within his study area. His blood almost bubbling with dying heat; there he died alone, and there the chalice remains with the five from the planet Moiromma.

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