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The Dunwich Horror – Part X


The Dunwich Horror – Part X by H. P. LOVECRAFT 10 In the end the three men from Arkham–old, white-bearded Dr. Armitage, stocky, iron-gray Professor Rice, and lean, youngish Dr. Morgan–ascended the mountain alone. After much patient instruction regarding its focusing and use, they left the telescope with the frightened group that remained in the […]

The Dunwich Horror – Part VIII


The Dunwich Horror – Part VIII by H. P. LOVECRAFT 8 In the meantime a quieter yet even more spiritually poignant phase of the horror had been blackly unwinding itself behind the closed door of a shelf-lined room in Arkham. The curious manuscript record or diary of Wilbur Whateley, delivered to Miskatonic University for translation, […]

The Dunwich Horror – Part VII


The Dunwich Horror – Part VII by H. P. LOVECRAFT 7 Yet all this was only the prologue of the actual Dunwich horror. Formalities were gone through by bewildered officials, abnormal details were duly kept from press and public, and men were sent to Dunwich and Aylesbury to look up property and notify any who […]

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