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The Dancer’s Secret – A Short Horse Story


The Dancer’s Secret – A Short Horse Story By Randall Holman It was sunset. The wind rode on the sharp edges of the mountains dragging the last bit of color away from the darkening hills. In a small cradle of two hills lay a beautiful girl. Her hair was long and soft, and when it […]

How Dog Poo Caught a Criminal – a short story


How Dog Poo Caught a Criminal by Harrington A. Lackey The “Scratch and Sniff” Animal Shelter located in a small town had been searching for an individual who would volunteer to take care of the dogs and cats at their facility. Specifically, they wanted someone who would volunteer to pick up after the dogs, they […]

Fade in, Fade out – a short story


Fade In, Fade Out! By Chinmay Chakravarty   We checked into a guest house of the academic institution after eight in the evening. Somehow at that particular moment, I couldn’t remember the exact details of our prior journey, just concentrating on getting settled there. Why I was there that I didn’t quite bother about. However, […]

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