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Edgar Allan Poe to the Rescue – a short story


Edgar Allan Poe to the Rescue By Harrington A. Lackey P. J. Morgan Soakenberg was a middle-aged millionaire who lived in the luxurious Hamptons. He collected rare paintings as well as a scholarly critic of Edgar Allan Poe’s literary achievements and had written extensively about the interesting author and his works. His library contained rare […]

The Noise in the Basement


The Noise in the Basement By Greg W. Day Every home has its own smells, lighting, shadows and sounds. It may take some time to get used to new surroundings and at times you probably get to the point of accepting things like unusual noises. Not because the noises are more familiar but maybe because […]

Abby’s Fortune


Abby’s Fortune By Harrington A. Lackey Although Abby Wheelman’s now-deceased parents had wanted to give her a better, more prosperous life than they had, she was born into utter poverty Her father worked two shifts at the local coal mine. Her mother was a seamstress. Together, they barely made enough money to give their only […]

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