The Day I Finally Won – a short story


The Day I Finally Won

By Fredrick Trippler

I started my day out, as usual, getting up at 7:00 am, making coffee, checking my e-mail etc. After lunch, I realized I needed gas so I went to the corner station to fill up. While I was paying, I decided to go inside and buy a Mega Millions ticket, not thinking much about it.

I put it in my wallet and continued on my way to my next job. I have been buying occasional lottery tickets through the years just for fun, dreaming of the day when I would hit “the big one”. The results were due to be out on Friday. Saturday morning, I checked the numbers. I went to Mega and I pulled out my ticket.

I could not believe what I saw! Every number on my ticket matched the numbers on my computer screen! There had to be a mistake! I had just won $56 million dollars! I sat there staring at the screen for the longest time not knowing what to do; I started sweating and my hands were shaking, I had been dreaming about this day for years, and now it’s finally true.

I didn’t know whether to scream, cry, laugh, shout or run around jumping up and down or just continue to sit there completely dumbfounded. I know, I’ve said that when I win the lottery, I would do this and that, but that was just a fantasy. After I realized that it was now true, it was all different. Now I can live anywhere I want, buy any house, car, van or boat I want and never ever have to work again as long as I live.

After the shock wore off, and I contacted the lottery office, I was told I had to sign papers and decide if I wanted a lump sum or yearly payments for 30 years. After deciding long and hard, I chose the lump sum. After taxes, I ended up with $17 million dollars. Not bad for a one-dollar ticket!

After looking at several houses my wife and I chose a 3,000 square foot five-bedroom three bath home with a three-car garage. The house sits on 2 acres that are fenced in with a workshop outback. The house was a palace compared to what we were currently living in. It had marble floors, granite countertops, and vaulted ceilings with skylights.

Soon after I bought a new van and a trike I always wanted. I also bought my dream car at an auction, a black 1972 Mustang Fastback, fully restored. I also decided to give everyone in my family one million dollars each, mom, dad and my sister all living in Penn. I grew up poor as did my whole family, so I want them to be comfortable too.

I soon converted my business into a non-profit organization to help low-income homeowners who are in need of repairs. The charity is called Fix-It Free Handyman Service. It goes without saying that I paid off all my debts, which totalled $35,000. Life is much different now that all the money stress is gone, and I never have to worry about making ends meet again.

I still can’t convince my wife that she no longer has to do the dishes, laundry and shopping anymore but she still insists. We also have not had a vacation in 10 years so I decided to take the whole family to Disneyland for a week just to get away and enjoy ourselves.

It was pretty traumatic for a while getting used to this new lavish lifestyle, after living hand to mouth all my life but, you know, I’m willing to try!


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