The Deity of Ice Cap


The Deity of Ice Cap

Dennis Siluk


Andaman-deity of Asteroid Ice Cap

Andaman-deity, the deity of the asteroid called Ice Cap (Ice cap, an asteroid moon by Moiromma), a deity that can fly, as huge as the legendary Tiamat; strong as the legendary Murdock; and one that can step into the physical just as easily as stepping into the invisible world; likened to Poseidon of Atlantis or the great deity-Nylamp of Chan Chan [Northern Peru].

In the eyes of the inhabitants of Ice Cap, he was the only realistic deity they knew, besides the demigod and high priest called Bha-Vii ‘a. Their semi-subterranean soil entities [pigmies, if you will] were a race unto themselves, and uneatable by the nearby planet inhabitants called the Mioromma-nites; who where a cannibalistic race by nature.

[The feasting of worms]

Malefic sorcery

Hundreds of Bha Vii a’ s helpers gathered up worms in the darkness of the night, eating them, vomiting them up, having a frenzy in doing so; gathering them for the great ‘Feasting of the Worms,’ in praise of their diety, Andaman. They would need a few million worms before the feast started, and so they worked night after night in achieving this goal, gathering the worms. In the meantime, Bha-Vii ‘a, High Priest of Asteroid Ice-cap, 212 years old, had to find the sacrificial gift that would be fed to the worms. A young and beautiful gift could only be given to the great deity of Ice-Cap. He is a wizard of high esteem, high quality if you mind, thus, the Wizard looked into his pan of cool water that he had next to him in his study, and looked deep into its fresh mirror-like liquid, as a result, faces appeared, many faces of the inhabitants of the Asteroid-planet.

With spells and his black magic, the High Priest of the catacombs of Ice-Cap brought all the workers to the main section of the tomes within the catacombs, a section that had only one way out, which was the way in. Here he had his labour force place bucket upon bucket of the sacrificial worms into, and onto the sacred ground of the floor of the crypt, or main section of the burial chamber where the angelic deity Nylamp ‘al was said to be buried before the time of Andaman, the deity that had taken his place when this angelic being taken off one day never to return (perhaps in the ‘Prison House for Horrific Angels’).

The chamber was 120 feet long, and at the end of the chamber, it was like a square mausoleum, ten feet high whereas the tunnel was but six feet high. Thus, the labourers continued to pour buckets of worms into this chamber area, night and day for three days straight. The spells of the black enchantment were strong, and the worms feasted upon one another. All was made ready for the main day, “The Feast of the Worms,” the day of Andaman, who had conquered (or said he had), the angelic deity, Nylamp ‘al. This was to show him honour and piety in his rulings. Again, all was made ready for this special occasion; the worms now being over three feet thick.

Sanctification Day

Stood he, the High Priest, looking down into the chamber from above at the millions of worms, the closed doors, the thick walls of the chamber, and now came the guards with a few lamps, placing them (while leaning down through the upper open section) on the sides of the walls for the spectators to observe (of which there were about forty, an honour in itself to be present for such an occasion). As they were lit, they reflected the slime and debris, the nauseating smell of the pi, yet as the guests came, no one dared say so. The oil lamps burned bright and gave off heat that brushed against the faces of the lucky forty guests waiting for the magical moment.

If one listened closely you could hear the worms agonizing for nourishment, the organic-fleshly sacrifice of a young female, or be it a young boy, both were acceptable to the deity of terror. Then came the sacrifice, and as this young female, naked in the chilly, icy wind, stood by her two guards pale, with freezing skin, a beauty with a hardness to her body, and a soft glow to her hair, hence, she was lowered into the vault, a voice came out of the air, no one could tell where, but all knew who it was, it was a deep intolerable voice:

“Now drop her, drop her into the worms!” it muttered, commanded, and so she was tossed like a stone to the ground. Within a minute no bones, not even her shadow were left to survive in this tomb of the worms. And the voice laughed,

“No bones, no bones, no bones… I do not want to see bones!” the voice said, with a scratched tone. And the day was done, completed for the High Priest. The spell was broken by the voice, for it was a summons for him to watch the feast, which he often didn’t. And the deity of Asteroid Ice-Cap was pleased.


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