The Friendly Giant – a poem


The Friendly Giant

By Diana Hunter McGuerty


Where does the friendly giant hide
In this land of thoughtless pygmies?
Where does Santa land his sleigh?
In a land of “gimme, gimme”?

Where does a bee seek nectar?
In a land of artificial flowers?
How can one lead a stable life
In a land of shifting hours?

Where can a ray of sunshine fall
In a room where shades are drawn?
Where can a thoughtful person thrive
In a land so filled with brawn?

Where does the artist’s eye find beauty
In a land now ugly and bland?
Where does the fish find a stream to swim
In a land of arid sand?

Where does a man find honesty?
In a land where nothing is fair?
Where does a tree grow tall and green
In a land of poisoned air?

Where does the pioneer travel
In lands where the borders are closed?
Where does the minstrel sing his songs
in a land where deafness grows?

Where does the craftsman sell his skill
In a land of dubious wares?
Where does the poet write the tender lines
In a land where no one cares?

Where does a child learn to laugh
In a land of frowns and sorrows?
Where does the star man spin his tales
In a land where there’s no tomorrow?

Where does the giant hang his head
In despair and utter sadness?
He lives in a land that knows no joy
And has chosen instead sheer madness.

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