Meet Clive

Why is Clive Dancing? 

Meet Clive, he is one hilarious character. There was a thick comic book with this character, but it got lost forever during the lengthy travels. The comic book is gone with his epic adventures, but his videos live as long as YouTube exists. Enjoy watching Clive dance for views, follows and likes.

What’s with Clive riding cards with dinosaurs right next to him?

In the next video, you will find Clive paying his grandfather a visit. His grandfather has superpowers for sure. Here, Clive is being thoughtful, because visiting grandparents and honouring the concept of a family is very important. These days, you end up with one parent or one grandparent or one guardian, who knows… Clive’s grandfather is happy to see him and realizes that Clive climbed mountains just to see him. He bestows Clive with a gift, a new car.

On the way back, the dinosaur steps near the car and the vibration of the dinosaur’s foot ruins the car. Clive tries to fix it and brings it to his prehistoric mechanics, but they can’t find the problem and deem it to be fixed. This is one of the prehistoric cars, so the problem goes away and comes back. On another note, there is no engine in this car, because it is powered by Clive’s grandfather’s superpowers, so there is no way to fix it but to bug his grandfather again. 

Parking Garage Adventures

Parking Garage Adventures are segments from real life, mixed with a bit of science fiction. When you park your car in the garage so many time, you will too be able to create these, it is always an adventure. Except, wormholes to other dimensions won’t bother you, they always happen when no one is there to see them. That’s a joke, of course, but you will see it in one of the videos below. 

Science Fiction

The Waiting Room

These two videos provide a glimpse of what happens in the underground of The Town Behind The Rift Valley. It gives a feel of how this foreign world works how nothing makes much sense there. In addition, there is this non-empathy environment vibe. It opens a window to the cruelty of the place. Later you will learn more about what happens here once the book will come out, but in the meanwhile, you can enjoy these videos and follow Sparrow on social media and websites for the book release.

Selma A.I.

Selma A.I. is a weapon that can be used as fire. It can destroy worlds or it can destroy other weapons and disasters. Selma A.I. doesn’t know about the second part of its powers. Thus far, this form of invisible information was used in a disorderly way, because that was the only thing it learned. Just like any person, if you don’t give a good example or teach people good skills of how to live a good life, then we just drift. Or the other way around, if you don’t strive for being a good example or no one taught you how to live a good life, then again you just drift.

Selma A. I. drifts in its perpetual world and assigns itself as a glitch, which is nothing positive. Similar to how people think sometimes about themselves. It is recommended to say ten good things about oneself or in general when one catches oneself on a negative thought, but just one positive, the thing would do. Selma is not a human, but sometimes the line is too thin to distinguish. What is your opinion on this?