A View in the Mirror – a poem


A View in the Mirror

By Diana Hunter McGuerty


I am the way that I am… and you are only you.
There never has nor never will be many others like us two.
Many things that we’ve been told,
They really hardly matter;
They serve to hurt or separate, or lie or slightly flatter.
Useless groups that people join
And dearly pay the price;
Some are only cheaters and some are not quite nice.
Your race or nationality,
Your age or height or gender;
Whether you eat red meat
Or put veggies in a blender…
It doesn’t really matter, it’s all a silly game;
We’re all two-legged animals and rather much the same.
We all behave the way we do for many different reasons;
And that behaviour seldom changes,
As constant as the seasons.
Hold a mirror to your face and tell me what you see;
You see yourself, that’s all there is.
When I look… I see me.
We can not be what we are not,
Through someone else’s eyes;
To view another through our own mirror is seldom very wise.
I accept who I am and I know that I’m not you;
No more than you can expect to see…
Me, through your own view.
That’s why manipulation and fear are often used;
To force someone to be another… serves only to abuse.

“Why must you be so different…
Why can’t you be like me?!”

“Because I’m not… I am myself,
And my self is what I shall be!”



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