I Love to Walk the Land – a poem


I Love to Walk the Land

By Diana Hunter McGuerty

Do you hear the silence? It whispers as I stand
And though I walk alone, it seems, I love to walk the land.
Are you not afraid out there? The question often is heard.
And though my voice is the only one, I hear much more than words.
The sound of wind and bush and sand, the crunch of ancient grit…
And then the blink of lizard’s eye as here in quiet I sit.
Distant thunder signals me, from darker worlds on high…
As I do open wide my arms, saluting kinship with the sky.
Do you not feel weary? So many miles away…
My strength seems stronger as I walk, the pleasure’s in the play.
Are you fear you’ll lose your way? Through canyons shadowed deep…
Oh no, but if I tire, the stars will guide my sleep.
The evening star as much my friend, as moonlight is my mantle…
That night sounds then a lullaby, the comet’s eye my candle.
Aurora gives me splendour, awakening to the day…
Coyote tracks have come and gone, the cat has passed my way.
Cooling waters from the stream, tumbling from the mount…
So many wonders all around, far more than one can count.
Mystery envelopes me, no matter where I stand…
Such miracles of which I’m part, and so… I walk the land.


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